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AM New Technologies is a NZ owned and operated lighting technology company. We are also the Australasia distributor for Foxconn Technology Group, which is the world’s largest contract electronic manufacturer and manufactures products for many global companies including Apple (iphone, ipad), Sony (Playstation), Microsoft (Xbox), Nintendo (Wii U), Google (Kindle) and  Nokia.

Our everyday life requires good lighting. We have developed an outstanding range of LED lighting products that provide unique design and features, exceptional manufacturing quality and high performance. Using the most up to date LED technology, our products are designed locally and assembled in Foxconn’s manufacturing facility in China. Through Foxconn’s stringent quality control management and global production networks, we are able to deliver high quality reliable products at affordable prices.

We also draw product inspiration from local electricians evolving needs in their desire to use products that offer quick and easy installation. Some of the product features include quick connection cable, large driver terminals, and quick installation kits. As a professional lighting supplier, all of our products have been tested locally by Spectrum Laboratory and  are  compliant with New Zealand and Australian Standards.

Our product design is customer driven. We have experience of working directly with electricians and have created working approaches to involve them at various stages at the development process. Their needs and preferences can be taken into account from the outset of the product design and we receive rapid feedback on whether the idea, concept or product is correct in all aspects. By doing so, we offer products with features that benefit the customer.